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ADIOS MOGI Insect Repellent (EUCALYPTUS & GERAMINE) 5 ml / 50 ml

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Product Description -

Environment Friendly Insect Repellent

  • This soothing spray contain mixture of flower extracts, to achieve anti-inflamatory on skin irritation and itchness.
  • Enriched with centella Asiatica Extract and Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract which help the skin retain moisture all day long.
  • High tolerance, even on sensitive and atopic skin.
  • Non-greasy feature makes you feel fresh and comfortable.

How to Apply / Store

  • Spray to exposed skin and rub until it dry
  • Store at normal room temperature, beware of heat.

Adios Mogi (EUCALYPTUS) 5 ml

Adios Mogi (GERAMINE- For Kids) 5 ml

Adios Mogi (EUCALYPTUS) 50 ml

Adios Mogi (GERAMINE- For Kids) 50 ml